Thursday, January 31, 2008

Diamonds from the umbilical cord of a baby

We were almost as amazed as you are now when we learned from our lab' technicians that the umbilical cord contains more carbon than even ashes or hair. They had shocked us initially stating that the human nails, animals hoof and horn can be used to grow the diamonds, so as we haven't actually made any diamonds from an umbilical cord, we look forward to further experiments.

UPDATE : We now have a donated cord - which fortunately is from a new born healthy baby, so we will not be calling it a 'Memorial Diamond' it is much more like a 'Celebration Diamond'.
The process has begun and we will keep you posted.


Suzie said...

That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard, is it a real diamond and made from the umbilical cord of ANY baby (still born or newly born)? If that is true, that is just beautiful and fantastic.

S. Jackson

More Developments said...

Yes and we hope to gain a donor very soon.