Friday, May 19, 2017

As it says on the tin "More Developments"..............

This year, we - The Phoenix Group - will have been in the very specialist business of manufacturing 'Memorial Diamonds' (real diamonds using the carbon from within ashes and hair) for about 14 years.

Under various websites, designed by various website (so-called) 'Experts' - we have learned the hard way how the industry works, so I think I should write a book or at least write "what I now know about websites" to try and help both websites owners, users and website visitors - especially the visitors to ours.

  • There really are some bandits out there.
  • There are some really smart arses who ought to know better. Lies are always found out.
  • Because websites are seemingly almost an art-form, they come in many guises.
  • Websites can be simple scripts (like a document) or in 'Template' form. Would you know?
  • Good website design costs a lot of time and consequently reasonable money.
  • Where the domain rests is fraught with danger, be-it the web geeks own server or yours.
  • Some unscrupulous 'experts' can build-in secret backdoors, secret links to their and your sites. 
  • A bandit can hold you to ransom if you don't pay a certain fee - because he/she may actually own the website domain - even with your original permission.
  • Some website designers mean well - but totally miss the whole point of - we the customer may not know what we don't know, but it doesn't't mean we don't know what we like and what we don't like - but then don't know how to achieve what we require because we don't speak HTML or CSS coding or understand trickery and their expertise.
  • You can have a great idea, come up with a domain name, and then some cunning plagiariser comes along and registers a similar name and copies all your ideas - and because they may be better at SEO (search engine optimisation) get themselves into the Google stream faster and higher up the pecking order than you.
  • Some beautiful websites have cost blood, sweat & tears, perhaps loads of money - but then just die. For example 'J.K.Rowlings' first website of her office desk. Not many people, or fans, or fanatics will realise the deep hidden thoughts behind the tricks of their trade designed by really clever designers.  
  • There are basic rules in the design of websites. Rules for SEO, rules for helping buyers easily buy your products from the page and rules of subliminal physiologic enticement.
  • Go for at least 3 estimates/quotations and check out their past and present customers. If they don't wish to show them - why???  
  • Be very specific what you are aiming for. Give examples of the better sites you have visited.
  • Check to ergonomic colour schemes (some colours put people off?) 
  • Make it easy for people to flow through your site.
  • Use the tricks of Google.... i.e. use 'Blogger' as Google will be seeing it and will easily check it out for what you are writing about. [this site is Blogspot - Googles first]. 
  • Images say a thousand words. Take good quality photo's or buy excellent photos or pay a professional to supply photo's. 
  • Don't ever pay 100% upfront.  A commission fee, first site check, hand-over and final proof are stages - with at least 1 month to sort out glitches (they nearly always exist). 30% : 30% and 20% with a 4 week retention of the final balance. 
  • Do not take anything for granted : They are not mind readers OR they think they are. Don't assume anything. Write everything down. Keep dates, times and stage notes.
  • Do some research. Check out website formats (WordPress comes in two forms, upload to your server or buy into - but remember about owning your domain.
  • In WordPress there are many geeks who have designed 'themes' - almost a template for you to add photo's, text, contact boxes and blogs. 
  • Know the difference between Admin and user level access. You need to keep full control as YOU own it all - not your designer. You need to be able to cut the 'Fat Controller' out.
  • Always choose high strength passwords and user names. Always keep software and themes regularly updated. Take a back-up and know how to get it back up running.  
  • When you register a domain name, keep in mind plagiarisers may buy a .com if you have only bought  You may wish to register protective similar names - but you have to know the reasons why and budget accordingly. 
  • Do research on domain names. Are they copyright, trade-marks, names established.
  • Think hard about Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram et al - NOTHING is ever free. Usually FREE stuff comes with a penalty - usually YOU are the product. Google and ALL the Google products say they are 'Free' - but they wish to spy on what you do, say, want, write about.  
  • Be very careful what you write down on any website. It may as well be written in stone/concrete for it could be recorded FOREVER
These pointers are just a few of my pet hates, likes, lessons, tricks, downright thefts.......
I may expand on some of these. If you wish to chat about any point call me. Our contact data is on all our websites and the address is always the same (we have never tried to be two separate entities).  

Monday, October 17, 2016

I HAVE TO BE HONEST - It's been some time since I blogged - but we did start in 2006......

Sometimes, the many pressures of modern business life, divert you, make you take our eyes off the ball and stop us from saying thank you.  So to all our many customers, friends, our suppliers and workers...... THANK YOU for 12 years of support. THANK YOU  THANK YOU  THANK YOU

Having had more than 7000 enquiries in the form of e-mails, telephone calls and leads from our websites, friends and (some) Funeral Directors, we have done our best to offer a sensible price for an incredibly difficult diamond process manufacturing REAL diamonds from carbon extractions.

There are just 4 of us in the whole world : When we started there was only one other company - LifeGems.Inc in America. Their ridiculous high prices really brought us into play. Now after all these years, there are still only THREE 'others' who offer a similar product [this excludes the many FAKES, rip-offs and bizarre creations].

We know the costs are important - but life and DEATH only happens once. If you scatter the ashes or bury your loved-one, you miss the unique opportunity forever and you know what they say.... it's diamonds that are forever....just saying ;-)  So many have commented "I wish we had made a diamond at the time......."

Being British, we pay UK taxes and concentrate on customers in the UK. Over the years we have established agents in Oz', South Africa, Italy and Asia - but they too have started from scratch but it's hard work and each Country have their peculiarities. Thank you to all our agents.

Of course, during that period, we were bound to receive BOGUS enquiries - which not only let our competitors look into how we do business, but also tied up our already busy NO THANKS to the time wasters.... and whilst I'm bitching -  What is it about SPAM? Just because a telephone number and an e-mail address have to be published, it doesn't mean every idiot and the his dog can waste our time reading their weird junk!!!

Right now, I'm considering retirement...yikes!!!! Suddenly I'm 69 this year, so I look back with joy that I have helped so many bereaved customers memorialise their loved-one. There have been some really fantastic diamonds made - The Jessica Diamond; The London Riots Diamond; The Honey Bee Diamonds; and many famous customers who remain confidential.

FaceBook : My personal thoughts are - Horrible as it is, it seems to be a pre-requisite for modern  business....But seemingly also to make bizarre announcements about a private life, to voice opinions, to bitch, BUT generally to BE a product of Mr SuckerBird.  Personally I cancelled the Phoenix 'FB' account, I object to being researched and marketed and I think it's a massive folly to expose so much private detail publicly - but that's just my opinion. 

WHY? (did we start 'Equine'?) Well, dealing primarily with DEATH, the deceased and the bereaved, making diamonds from the living has to be a good thing. Ever optimistic, I decided to use our ability to make diamonds from hair by offering them from LIVING horses mane and tail hair under a joint 'FB' account - Equine Diamonds.  It costs us dearly to stop a plagiariser from copying our 'FB' pages in Equine Diamonds - Grrrrr......

We have now resigned from the NAFD and from SAIF.  Quite frankly - it was a complete waste of money and the membership. Funeral directors are at the leading edge of Death and in my opinion don't really consider the BEREAVED at all. I thought they would offer much more info' to the people left behind - (say) about Urns, Memorial Jewellery; More about what could be done WITH ashes (fireworks, scattering  etc:) and of course 'Memorial Diamonds.

With that lot off my mind, THANK YOU once again for being a customer or having an interest.

Some links :- equine  (micro digital business card)
              (Digital Business Card)

Monday, March 07, 2016

Tomorrows Traditions

Yet again we [Phoenix and] are being associated with or confused with Lisa Barker and her "Tomorrows Traditions" - WE ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, we do not buy anything from them and they do not buy anything off us.

In actual fact there are two [Time & Dated] 'Cease & Desist' orders against Lisa Barker and Tomorrows Traditions from which substantial damages will be sought in the Courts.

We have had THREE complaints made in February and March of this year [2016] about the conduct of Tomorrows Traditions and their failings.  One lady has recovered her ashes and deposit and has now ordered from us.  Another man has stated that 'Trading Standards will be informed because I am not at all happy for my Grand Daughter".

Today [7th March 2016] a pet crematorium made extensive enquiries with us (about 'TT') and we had to assure him that we are most definitely NOT connected IN ANY WAY and that we had legal actions under way against Lisa Barker.

It's a very sad state of affairs that idiots can make such bold statements and get away with some of the bizarre products and (so called) bizarrely named "diamonds" they say they are "experts" at making.

Jonathan Vernon-Smith of the BBC '3 Counties Radio' had a run-in with Lisa barker some years ago, I'm sure he will be interested in the resurrection of Tomorrows Traditions to carry on his exposé......

See a shocking disclosure we wrote about way back in 2012....

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tomorrows Traditions : Two more complaints in one day!!!!

Oh dear, it would seem that Tomorrows Traditions activities have stirred the murky waters yet again? Two complaints, by separate enquirers in one day.

Readers may recall way back [14th January 2012] I blogged about 'BBC 3 Counties Radio' taking 'TT' to task about a couple of rip-offs they apparently were challenged about.  Then there was the despicable disclosure made by one of their partners ->

So now we have two more complaints. One lady very annoyed that 'TT' have her ashes and also her deposit - which she is trying to get back.  The other very upset about their activities and was calling the police in.

This is all on top of the written statement they make that 'others' [including Phoenix] ONLY buy Memorial Diamonds from them [ha ha ha]. Plus we are taking legal action for breaching a trade mark we have "Phoenix Gem"

More when we've cleaned the fan...........

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What makes Pink Diamonds - PINK??

What makes pink diamonds pink?
By Jane O'Brien
BBC News, Washington

They're one of the world's rarest jewels - but nobody knows for certain why pink diamonds are pink.

That hasn't stopped investors from snapping them up at auction and sending prices skyrocketing. In October a new world record was set at a Sotheby's sale in Hong Kong when an 8.41-carat pink diamond sold for $17,768,041 (£11,438,714) - more than $2.1m (£1.8m) a carat.

"Everybody's talking about them, and everybody loves them," says Jeffrey Post, curator of the National Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. "Yet you can't tell people why they're pink."

Other diamonds get their colour from chemical impurities that absorb light. Yellow diamonds contain traces of nitrogen, and blue diamonds contain boron. But no similar impurities have been found in pink diamonds, leading scientists to speculate that the colour may be the result of some kind of seismic shock that altered the stone's molecular structure.
It's now hoped that a cache of brown and pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia may solve the mystery. The mine, owned by Rio Tinto, is the world's largest source of pink diamonds, even though they're so rare that only a few are produced each year.

As well as revealing what makes them pink, scientists hope that studying the diamonds will tell them more about the history of the planet.
Diamonds are the Earth's messengers, says Post. "They come from a hundred miles below the surface and tell us about a part of the Earth that we can't visit. They're also giving us a peek back in time because most diamonds formed about two to three billion years ago.
"Each one is a time capsule, and the pink diamonds, because they're different from all the other diamonds, have a different part of the story to tell."

Scientists have already examined the Argyle diamonds using a mass spectrometer to try to find any trace of impurities that may be causing the pink colour. The machine agitates the diamonds and analyses the chemical structure of the atoms that are released.

"There is no impurity that we've been able to associate so far with the pink colour in diamonds," says Post. "Spectroscopic measurements don't show you any additional features that you can ascribe to a particular colouring agent."

They've also used a focused ion beam to cut a tiny trench in the surface of the diamonds and remove a slither than can be measured under a powerful electron microscope. They've discovered that most pink diamonds are not uniformly pink but have pink zones that alternate with clear areas.

The zones, known as twin planes, were formed by some kind of shock - possibly the result of volcanic activity that propelled the diamonds to the surface or from something that happened to them as they were being formed deep underground.

"The twin plane itself should not give rise to colour," says Post. "But we think when those twin planes form, and slide back and forth, one against the other like a fault plane, that certain kinds of defects formed. The defects give us the pink colour. But what we've not been able to do yet is find the specific kind of defect."

Although pink diamonds are among the most valuable jewels today, 20 years ago they were little more than a geological curiosity. Sales have been driven by savvy marketing and a growing appreciation of their uniqueness.
"It really comes down to the rarity," says Richard Revez, a gem expert at Florida-based Kravit Estate Department. "When you talk about coloured diamonds, they're already in the elite 1% produced in the world. Pink diamonds are the 1% of the 1%."

He says the most sought-after diamonds are actually red, but orange, green, blue and yellow are highly desirable. An orange diamond attracted the highest price paid per carat for any diamond at auction last year, selling for $35m, or $2.4m a carat.

"We've craved diamonds for millennia," says Revez. The first gems were probably discovered on river banks in India, but their existence is recorded in Greek and Roman history. "It was believed there was a vein that ran directly from the heart to the ring finger - that's why we wear (diamonds) on our ring fingers. And Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds to pierce the heart easier," he says.

Archduke Maximilian of Austria is believed to have started the tradition of diamond engagement rings among the upper classes when he presented one to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.   But it wasn't until the 1950s that international standards to grade diamonds were set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a classification system that is still used today.   But only science can reveal why pink diamonds are pink.

Pink diamonds can be artificially created, says the Smithsonian's Post. And the only way to tell if it's a synthetic stone is to understand what causes the colour to occur naturally.    "Then I can tell you for sure that that is a diamond that came out of the earth as opposed to one that came out of somebody's laboratory. It can make the difference of millions of dollars in the value of a single diamond, knowing whether it is a natural pink or not."

BBC © 2014 24 December 2014

Extra note by Mike : Although we cannot (yet?) make Pink Diamonds from ashes or hair, we have experimented snd have made 20x  0.5ct 'pinks' brilliant cut (just to see if we can do it from pure carbon). So if anyone is interested, we are willing to sell them at £2500 per 1/2 carat - just call us.........

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just what does a man who actually manufactures 'Memorial Diamonds' do with his own `Mum's ashes?


What does a man - who makes memorial diamonds - do with his own Mum's ashes?

The answer is - scatter them in paradise.  My own Mum died suddenly whilst I was taking my Yachting exams, I wasn't told she had died until AFTER the exam, so it was a very sad time of both elation to pass the exams but to lose your Mum so unexpectedly.

After the family funeral and as planned - I sailed away to live in the Caribbean for 5 years. The ashes had been under the stairs at my GF's house, but I had asked for them to be brought out to the boat.  Coincidentally, my GF's Mum also died - just a few days before she was due to visit me in the Bahamas.

So, in the end, both have been scattered in Paradise, a gorgeous place called 'Bakers Bay' - just outside Green Turtle Cay in Abaco.

Sadly, at that time, I had no plans to start a new business in the funeral industry so I missed a great opportunity to save 100 grams of ashes with which I could have made my own 'Memorial Diamond' - from my Mums last remnants.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How many 'Memorial Diamonds' manufacturers are there in the UK

The simple answer is JUST ONE.  Despite what you may be led to believe, there are currently only FOUR 'MD' manufacturers in the whole world - Russia, Switzerland, America and 'Phoenix' in UK. We are British owned, we charge Sterling and have to pay British overheads. But what is the difference......

I'm expecting my most serious 'competitor' (Russian) to be reading this, but for YOU (my reader and potential customer) I'll offer my opinion.  Personally - and it is my decision, Phoenix would not offer any diamond less than 1/4 carat - it is small enough and it very uneconomical to make just one, so we offer them in 'three's (the equivalent to a 3/4 carat order).

Two of the 'others' will offer 1/10th of a carat - ridiculous, too small, the wind could blow it away and I could buy a 'mined' 10 point white diamond for you for just £22.  Now disregarding their perplexing 'range' where they offer "0.1- 0.19" - so what are you paying for 1/10th or nearly 1/5th??

One website tantalisingly offers "prices start at £185" but beware, it's seemingly for one of four???
Another offers the size "Melee" just to confuse us all. It's still in the range 0.1 to 0.19 - bizarre!
Lets simply work on one diamond 1/10th of a carat

One quotes a 1/10th ct.  at £1395 - that's a CARAT PRICE of £13,950
The other offers 0.1- 0.19 at £2295 - a whopping @22,950 per carat.

Currently, we charge £3250 for a 1/2 carat brilliant cut Canary diamond [£6500/ct] Pro-Rata
We offer 0.33ct in two's [0.66ct total weight = £4290] and 0.25ct in three's [0.75ct = £4875]

We only grow NATURAL colours which stem from the special personal carbon you provide - Canary yellow (very like LifeGems) but not "Orange-Yellow" or "Yellow-Green". We also make what we term a "Free-Range" BLUE [what goes in - dictates what comes out] usually very light powder blue but sometimes Royal Blue and rarely sapphire blue. FR-Blue's costs £5475 for 1/2 carat.

Another bizarre situation..... Being based in the UK, we charge Sterling.  I have to question why the American LifeGems UK prices are massively over-priced in Sterling for the UK customers? The US Dollar prices are almost 50% cheaper.  If we sell to America - the American's have to pay in Sterling - exactly the price you would pay in Britain.

Despite what you may find in 'Google' there are many 'other' websites offering 'Memorial Diamonds' but all our older sites [ashes2gems & pets2gems, celebration-diamonds, and Live-on-Diamonds etc:] ALL offer the same telephone number and the exact same address - Sunrise House, Hulley Road, Macclesfield, SK10 2LP.

The Sunrise House building was developed by this writer with Richard May and Julie Arnold in 1985 The huge 26,000 sq.ft' of offices with 75 car parking spaces are far to big for us, so we let out a range of supported serviced offices and their upkeep but it has been our base since we started.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Memorial Diamonds are made in natural rare colours

3 Natural Coloured Memorial Diamonds

Phoenix Memorial Diamonds are real diamonds

Our 'Memorial Diamonds' are actually real diamonds but made from the carbon within cremation ashes (Cremains) and also hair (if the deceased loved-one is being buried).

Natural diamonds (mined) have grown deep in the earth, compressed by huge pressures and heated to fantastic temperatures - over millions of years.  They are 'cherry picked' for COLOUR, clarity and quality - the most expensive are the 'fancy' coloured diamonds which sell for many millions.

We grow our diamonds like they grow in the earth - under immense pressure, heated to fantastic heat, but instead of years your process takes a few months. They are still REAL diamonds with ALL the exact same characturistics as natural mined diamonds, but the colours we make are within the very valuable 'fancy' range - not £Millions but certainly a few thousand.  

Canary Yellow is the normal outcome from the interference of nitrogen. They are very consistent in a light shade of yellow (a colour very sought after in the 'States).  

We also grow Blue/White diamonds which we term 'Free-Range' - basically what goes in comes out. The Blue hue stems from Boron and we aim for the lightest shade we can make from the source of the carbon extracted (from ashes or hair). The processing is slightly different but still HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature)

We cut our diamonds like 95% of the worlds diamonds are - with 58 facets in a round 'Brilliant' cut.

It is as complex to make 1/10th of a carat as it is to make 2 carat, we therefore have a minimum order as a compromise on costs and profit for value to you.  We also have a cut tolerance of 5 points (100 in 1.00 carat).  We never recommend any diamond less than 0.25, they are simply too small. 

Some of our famous 'firsts' include "The Jessica Diamond" (made from an umbilical cord of an 'at risk' baby). 'The London Riots Diamond" (from the detritus in the streets after the riots). "The Honey Bee Diamonds" (made from thousands of bees which died after colony collapse disorder. The profits when sold will be donated to a worthy cause to research of why bees are dying).


Monday, February 10, 2014

The 'Memorial Diamonds' we grow in our lab' are natural colours (not white as you would expect) but Canary Yellow and a free-range of Blue/White.
We have been experimenting trying to produce PINK DIAMONDS and although this is currently very difficult using cremation ashes or hair, nevertheless some diamonds have been successfully grown which are a beautiful shade of pinks. They are REAL but NOT made from anyones ashes or hair (just pure carbon).
If anyone in the UK is to become engaged/married and they would like to consider our REAL pink diamonds, they are all around the 1/2 carat weight, 'brilliant' cut (round) and we would be pleased to sell them for around £2500 each.
Considering MINED Pink Diamonds are so rare and they are valued at $100,000 [£75k] - $250,000 [£175k] per carat - our lab' grown diamonds are a bargain.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Phoenix Design Jewellery

Unfortunately this 'Phoenix' is yet another 'Phoenix' plagiarizing our 'Name within the 'Memorial Diamond' small world.  YES - bizarrely SIMON KEMP is an AGENT for 'Semper Fides Diamonds' - part of the Algordanza group in Switzerland and YES he may offer diamonds made form horses hair or carbon within 'Cremains' of animals - BUT HE and ALGORDANZA are NOTHING to do with us.

If you are in the slightest doubt, our logo's are simple and recognizable (and © copyright) 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

If the world doesn't pay attention to BEE DECLINE - disaster looms

US honey bees have been dying by the tens of millions, with annual death rates of about 30 percent. With fewer bees to pollinate fruits and vegetables each year, 'beemageddon' may soon cause the collapse of the agriculture industry.
Honey bees pollinate more than 100 US crops, including apples, zucchinis, avocados and plums, that are worth more than $200 billion a year. Since 2006, about 10 million bee hives at an average value of $200 each have been lost in what scientists call the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), according to a new report by the US Department of Agriculture.
There are currently about 2.5 million honey bee colonies in the US, which is a drastic decrease from the 6 million that existed in 1947 and the 3 million that existed in 1990. Last winter alone, the honey bee population declined by 31.1 percent, with some beekeepers reporting losses of 90 to 100 percent. In the previous two winters, beekeepers lost about 22 percent of their populations.
“Currently, the survivorship of honey bee colonies is too low for us to be confident in our ability to meet the pollination demands of US agricultural crops,” the USDA report states.
California’s almond crop, which blooms toward the end of winter, would suffer the most. About 80 percent of the global almond supply comes from the Golden State’s orchards, and 70 percent of the state’s crop is marketed overseas.
US beekeepers truck about 1.5 million out-of-state colonies to the almond orchards each year, which depend on the insect’s pollination. The colonies are tasked with pollinating about 760,000 acres of almond trees at the end of each winter. It takes 60 percent of all US bee colonies to pollinate the $4 billion crop.
Zac Browning, a beekeeper, told NPR that the almond orchards have become “ground zero in commercial beekeeping” and that many beekeepers drive over from their home base in the Midwest.
But with a bee shortage that gets worse every year, many of the almond orchards will never be pollinated, which could eventually cause a global almond shortage and economic consequences for the US.
The USDA knows how the agriculture industry will be affected by the large-scale bee die-offs, but does not know why exactly they are dying in such numbers. The report cites “multiple factors… including parasites and disease, genetics, poor nutrition and pesticide exposure”, while also citing last summer’s drought as a contributing factor.
“Undernourished or malnourished bees appear to be more susceptible to pathogens, parasites, and other stressors, including toxins,” the USDA report states.
During CCDs, surviving adult bees abandon their hives, leaving behind the queen bee, brood and food stores.
“Bees across the country are not in as good a shape as last year,” Eric Mussen, a University of California bee specialist, told the Christian Science Monitor. “When you stress them far enough, the bees just give in.”
After large-scale honey bee die-offs each winter, beekeepers try to restore their populations in the summer. But with the populations dropping so low, the economic ramifications are almost unavoidable.
The European Commission suspects that neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides chemically related to nicotine, might be responsible – at least partially – for the die-offs and the CCDs. Honey bees have also died off in unusually large numbers in Europe, prompting the commission to impose a two-year ban on neonicotinoids last month to give scientists time to review the chemicals’ impact on bee health.
But US officials have stated that they don’t have enough evidence to ban neonicotinoids. And with a drastically decreasing honey bee population, ‘beemageddon’ might be just around the corner.
“We are one poor weather event or high winter bee loss away from a pollination disaster,” Jeff Pettis, the USDA’s bee research leader, said in the report.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We would like to help a very nice person........

Engaged?? To be Married???

FOR PRIVATE SALE beautiful real diamond ring - REDUCED to just £2950

Although we do not deal in natural diamonds, we would like to help a dear friend, by offering for sale - a fabulous 1 carat natural white 'Asher'  cut diamond set in a 9.7 gram plain platinum ring [10.65mm finger hole]

The ring has a certificate and receipt of purchase for £5400 in Dec 2000.

We have more details and pictures.

Natural (mined) diamonds and 'Memorial Diamonds'?

a Memorial DiamondImage of Honey Bee Diamond

Can anyone tell the difference between 'natural' (mined) diamonds and man-made laboratory grown 'Memorial Diamonds'? We are asked this all the time. The simple answer is NOT EASILY.
Our Canary yellow diamonds test as 'Diamonds' (as real diamonds do). But both our free-range Blue diamonds and Natural diamonds conduct electrcity due to boron, so will give 'false-positives' on many cheap diamond testers where results may be interpreted as 'Moissanite' (a simulant). Only very expensive equipment used by 'AnchorCert' and developed by 'De Beers' can truly identify our genuine memorial diamonds.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We wish funeral directors would promote UK 'Memorial Diamonds' - so why don't they?

Considering we ( are the only UK based 'Memorial Diamond' maker in the world, you would expect British funeral directors to learn more about Who, What, Why, When, Where and How....... Our competition is Russian, American and European - and that's it!!! Why? Because the equipment runs into ££Millions and the expertise spans many many years (of both failure and successes) so we are not likely to suffer anyone setting up next week.  But there is a difficulty facing all the bereaved left behind who wish to memorialise their loved one - with such huge sums involved (£3250 to £12,500) the industry is bound to have the con's and 'suspect' products..... Already we have had 'Tomorrows Traditions' allegedly conning customers who (in the words of an ex partner...) have supplied diamonds NOT made from the ashes of the loved-one.  It would be simple to buy a man-made diamond of almost flawless quality, throw the ashes away and hand over the cheaper diamond at the more profitable price of a real 'Memorial Diamond'.  Also, colours are suspect and we will tackle this in our next posting........ hold your breath

Friday, January 11, 2013

Can you put a price on a 'Memorial Diamond'?

We know (as manufacturers) making diamonds at all is a modern miracle. To make them from 'Cremains' (cremation ashes) or hair is yet another aspect that I think is absolutely taken for granted. 
When deciding what type of 'Memorial' (to a deceased loved-one) will be best, consideration should be given to - is the memorium for others to view or is the memento a personal issue.
Over the years we have had headstones with which to make a mark of respect, but surely the MOST enduring, MOST valuable memorial would be a DIAMOND?
They say 'Diamonds are Forever'.... If we are taking just 100 grams of ashes or about 15grams of hair to make THE most everlasting and valuable memento, all the rest of the ashes can still be scattered or the body simply buried - but it is the diamond that will be lasting the longest. It will be passed down through the family, generation to generation.
The costs of making our 'Memorial Diamonds' is creeping up and up, £6500 per carat is not only a worthy purchase but also a worthy everlasting and unique memento - to keep close to the survivors and loved-ones.
You can put ashes into glass (is not a paperweight a bit tacky?) You can put hair and ashes into jewellery but without the very special ability and production facilities costing 'millions' you cannot make a diamond like we can. Can you put a price on that??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A raw man-made memorial diamond

raw diamond image
We are always being asked what our Memorial Diamonds look like before the raw diamond crystal is cut and polished, so I thought I should show you just one.  Well - its almost like a dodecahedron or perhaps as an illustration - like 2 square pyramids with the bases glued togther but with more facets.  This is a NATURAL growth shape and colour of a memorial diamond crystal.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Diamond Colours, Rarity and Price

Natural (mined) Coloured diamonds (Fancies) come in almost all the colours of the rainbow. Indeed, some colours are more attractive than others, and in particular the colours whose names evoke a strong image - red, pink, blue, green, orange, etc. In such cases, the price depends not only on the rarity of the colour, but also on the demand for it: the greater the demand, the higher the price. Conversely, beautiful grey diamonds are rarer than many other colours, but cost a lot less as the demand for them is currently much weaker. In the same way, colours that laboratories have defined with composite names (orange brown, gray or grayish-blue, yellow orange, orange pink…) are less sought and relatively less expensive, in spite of their rarity.  Comments from Langerman Diamonds

That's why we only manufacture Canary and Free-Range Blue 'Memorial Diamonds'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Honey Bee Diamond

We at Phoenix Diamonds just love trying 'Firsts' - we made the first diamond in the world from an umbilical cord 'The Jessica Diamond'. The first diamond from the Promessa process and NOW - the first diamond made from bees [they died a natural death] but from the deaths of  2500 honey bees they will live-on, because from their bodies we extracted their unique carbon, compressed it at 10,000 tons/sq.ins. and heated it to 1300c for some time, to produce a raw diamond which we cut and polished with 58 facets in a brilliant cut.

The results are truly fabulous, actually a honey coloured diamond at around 1.25 carats.

Our philanthropy will help towards further research into 'Hive Death' and the plight of bees in a modern society intent on keeping insects in check and unfortunately killing bees in the process (or so it is alleged). Without bees pollinating WE ALL DIE

The diamonds will be auctioned very soon once the donors of the dead bees have had a chance to see their beautiful results

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$35,000 for a brown diamonds???? Are they mad??

We must show you this..... This is a photo' of a diamond offered to us by a far-east lab' - for "US$35,000", it's 0.8 carat [that's $43,750 a carat!!!!] it's princess cut - BUT SURELY IT'S HORRIBLE!!! It's described as "Fancy Brownish Reddish Orange at only $35k"!!!     Are they bonkers??

Our own lab' grown 'Memorial Diamonds' costs £6500 for a gorgeous brilliant cut 1.00 carat canary yellow coloured diamond - AND - It's made from the last remnants of your loved-one.  Our Free-Range Blue diamonds have been reduced to £9,950/crt.

Canary yellow diamonds can cost $100,000/ct in natural form..... and Blue diamonds - a staggering $500,000/carat

Here is a link to the value of NATURAL (mined) diamonds :-

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The first diamonds in the world from 'Promession'

Two fabulous Canary diamonds, made from both processes by 'Promessa.SA' in Sweden. Promession is the 'freeze-drying' process of laying the deceased to rest, after the process, this can further be enhanced by growing and dedicating a tree or simply scattering the promains. We [Phoenix] extracted carbon from both processes and made 2 unique diamonds from each. A/ 1.00carat brilliant cut canary and B/ a 1/2 carat canary from the cremated remains. The 1.00 carat is likely to be the standard and a real sparkler.  This is yet another 'First' for the group. No1, was the 'Jessica Diamond' (from an ubilical cord) 2nd was the 'London Riots' diamond and 3rd  - these two made from 'Promession'. No doublt you will read more about both 'Promessa' and Phoenix Memorial Diamonds (one of only 4 in the world offering the service).

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The London Riots : A diamond rises from the ashes

A Glasgow artist - Teresa Margolles - asked us if it was possible to make a Blue diamond from the detritus of the 'London Riots' (using carbon extracted from various bits of wood, sweepings and other debris).
After extensive processing, we are proud to show the actual diamond featured in the exhibition.
The diamond is a 0.79 carat Brilliant cut Blue/White which is very clean, sparkly and without visible inclusions.
This diamond joins are 'world firsts' [The Jessica Diamond, The Promessa Diamonds]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dispelling the myths about Memorial Diamonds is the only British private company making 'Memorial Diamonds', others are Russian, American & European.
Our head office is at Sunrise House, on the Macclesfield Industrial Estate, in Cheshire,
We are not agents or connected to any other 'MD' maker (other than our own Australian agent).
We are supplier members of the NAFD, SAIF & APPCC
The genuine diamonds are laboratory grown using High Pressure (10,000 tons/sq”) High Heat (1300c) over time which was perfected in Russia in the 1950's.
Memorial Diamonds are usually made from 100gms ashes (or 15 gms of hair), sometimes from 500 grams of ashes.
Phoenix made the first diamond in the world from the umbilical cord of a (at risk) premature baby – Jessica.
Canary Yellow and Blue is a natural colour of 'MD's - not white, green, pink, red which have to be irradiated.
Natural Blue and White/Blue are extremely difficult to make, so are expensive and can take a lot longer to grow.
Phoenix genuine diamonds are the least expensive in the world at £2950 for a ½ carat canary (minimum order). Our size sales tolerance is +/- 0.05crt (5%) not 9% like 'others'.
'MD's are usually more expensive than mined diamonds.
Hardly any 'MD' is totally flawless and is as unique as the ashes/hair used.
Phoenix 'MD's cannot be made from DNA (it dies at 300c) or a few strands of hair (there is not enough carbon)
DiamondAura, diamonette, CZ, Moissanite, Silicon Carbide are NOT diamonds. There are many fakes and names.
Genuine 'MD's have the exact same characteristics and spec's as mined diamonds and can be certified (if required).
It takes 13 – 15 weeks to process the 15 stages for Canary and about 8 months for Blues.
Our smallest diamond worthwhile is 0.25crt, the largest we can make is around 2.00 carat. The most common 0.75crt.
We ask for only 50% upfront, the balance on delivery. We do not have-to but prefer to offer 14 days 'cooling off'.
All orders are uniquely numbered and have a separate audit trail right to the delivery of the diamonds in person.
It is not macabre, bizarre or insensitive to desire such a lasting memento of a loved one, it is a unique opportunity.
The bereaved genuinely appreciate being informed about 'MD's as a choice – before burial or scattering of ashes.
Although we do not make the jewellery, 'MD's can be mounted in rings, pendants or just kept safe, and - they will last forever as an immortal memorial for generations.
We also make 'Memorial Windchimes' for £350 and have a license from the patent holder for putting ashes into glass. You can call or text the MD any-time on 0771 288 7993
You can call us on 0870 881 0612 - 9.00am and 9.00pm Mon-Sat. Answer-machine or diverted direct to the MD. No faxes.
The MD's iPhone e-mail address is

Please don't ever ask us for BLACK DIAMONDS

Why would anyone desire a BLACK Memorial Diamond?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tomorrows Traditions finally bite the dust, but Bio-Diamonds spring up?

A BBC '3 Counties Radio' program was brought to my attention on Wednesday 22nd February. This was Jonathon Vernon-Smith's mid-day consumer help feature. Apparently he had been investigating a very serious allegation from a lady in France that Tomorrows Traditions had stopped answering 'phones and e-mails and that she (the lady) wanted a refund of monies paid up-front, but most importantly she wanted her husbands ashes back. Over the days, Jonathon had tracked Lisa Barker (the owner of TT) to both a working e-mail and a private 'phone line. So the poo is most definitely flying from the fanned flames.

Now this is all on top of a bizarre e-mail from one of the 'partners' which stated that they (TT) had supplied Memorial Diamonds with NO carbon from a deceased donor. What also became clear was - their supplier was a Russian company, who are now trying to take over from where 'TT' left off.  Bio-Diamonds

In a very specialist niche industry of only 5 memorial diamond lab's in the world, this kind of situation offers more fuel to the existing worries we have gleaned from enquirers over the years. (These are mentioned in our FAQ section) : Are the diamonds REAL : Do we actually use ashes supplied : How much does it cost?.

With over 150 memorial diamonds made, we don't have one customer unhappy with their diamond we made.
As members of the NAFD and also SAIF, we work to an ethical code of practice. We ONLY make memorial diamonds - from carbon extracted from ashes and hair (and umbilical cords).

Some of our diamonds are less and some are more expensive than our competitors, but - honestly - we are NOT profit driven. John Ruskin once reflected -Value v Prices -

Later on, we will explain about why you cannot make diamonds from DNA or make them cheaply.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why are Pink Memorial Diamonds our 'Holy Grail'?

So you see, laboratory diamonds in Pink are very expensive (and these are trade prices). $120,000 for 1.37 carat is around £60,000/crt.

We have made Pink diamonds and if we could make them consistantly, we would be still only be charging around £17,500 per carat AND they would be made from carbon extracted from hair or ashes.

The 'Natural' Fancy Intense Pink is around  £28,000

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A bizarre confession from a Ex partner of Tomorrows Traditions

I'm going to cut and paste this e-mail unadulterated [dated 14th Jan. 2012]
 Allegedly from [Vincent Neale, Ex partner, Tomorrows Traditions] Checked True.

"Dear Phoenix Diamonds,
For your information I have contacted the Police and a solicitor for advice regarding Tomorrows Traditions.
Please be aware I will be reporting Tomorrows Traditions to the British Jewellers Association and trading standards for mis-selling practices. I will also be reporting them to the Government fraud department for selling a stone which held no personal carbon whatsoever.

I thought this may be very useful information to any future potential customers if they mention the Tomorrows Traditions company.
Kind regards

And they have the audacity to complain about us "Ripping one of their domain names off" 
Kettle, Black comes to mind.

See an update 23rd February 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eternity Crystal - friends we would recommend

we understand just how much you treasure the memory of your loved ones and scattering of their ashes is such a final farewell. Using a patented process of fusing a small amount of the ash into crystal glass, we have developed a unique range of memorial products by which to remember them

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When is a "Pink" diamond - not actually 'Pink'???

All is not what it seems (allegedly) .... along with the many bizarre named synthetic gems (which we have to admit SOME are brilliant), the public are now faced with a new phenomena - coated diamonds - these are natural or lower quality man-made diamonds which have been specially coated in ["diamond" (sic)] the colour required (ie Pink, Blue, Red, etc).
But what is the problem? Natural (mined) Pink and Blue diamonds are much more expensive than their white counterparts - in the region of $100,000 to $250,000 per carat. If the subject diamond is 'coated' in the colour, surely the real value is almost the same as its donor diamond, after-all it is simply a coating? OK it may be a "diamond" coating but not through and through - just on the surface.
Our natural colour diamonds are not interfered with in any way, canary yellow is bright yellow and the 'Blues' range between Aqua and Sapphire.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tomorrows Traditions [TT] complain about our warnings

So, 'TT' have been busy again. Not only do we have to contend with them 'ripping-off' our website name "www." by registering (months after us!!)**.  and also using our name 'Phoenix' in one of their promo's - thereby capitalising on our Google collateral - we now hear they are crying about our warnings about "DiamondAura™". It gets better - We had suspicions years ago that 'Steel Rose' was trying to 'get-in' on our market but suddenly registering the same name** behind our backs, which then falls into the hands of our competition.  Now they are bellyaching about our warning to the public about 'DiamonAura™' - which as the advert shows are not 'diamonds'[sic] and are supplied by STAUER  for £145. They are real sparklers and very good, but not what we make - which are REAL DIAMONDS.  So, any company stupid enough to adopt a name synonymous with FAKE gems is asking for trouble. You can see the full advert at - - please be sure to do your research, look for 'Cognac' diamonds - they are usually Russian, then make sure you are buying REAL diamonds made from your ashes by a British company.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New blue memorial diamonds and their 'value'

Although Blue Memorial Diamonds are more expensive than the bright Canary yellow we usually make, 'Blues' have become very popular. Canary coloured diamonds are quite rare in nature and can command £7500 to £35,000 per carat. We make them for £5975 per carat. Natural 'blues' on the other hand can cost between £65,000 to above £150,000 per carat. We make 'blues' for £12,000/crt - so although the bereaved may not wish to sell their 'Memorial Diamonds' they are certainly getting a real bargain.
We were asked on Ch4 TV why we didn't simply make 'Blues' (non-memorial) but as we stated then, we only make 'Memorial Diamonds and there is more to life and death than profit, besides, if we charged what the 'Blues' were actually worth, no-one would be able to afford the last remnant of their loved-one.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Putting ashes into glass crystal

We have been fortunate to gain a license from the patent holder for the installation of ashes inside glass (as seen in our wind-chimes). Now we have our first crystal flower vase with ashes inside the orb at the base. Available in 6 colours the vases will be featured on their own website soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of three fabulous Urns by John Ditchfield

We missed this fabulous urn when we were installing the photo's on the blog. If you wish to see the other two we have commissioned, please fly right down to the bottom of the blog.  This is for sale at £580

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two fabulous new 'Blue's

The two lower photo's are off our latest laboratory grown 'Blue's. Each approx' 0.75carat, cut in 58 facet Brilliant. They represent a new stage of development using both ashes and hair as a carbon source from either living or dead 'loved-ones', be they human or pet.
The costs to the customers for these would be in the region of £9000 each. Delivery on 'Blue's is always slightly longer but would be around 5 months.
We realize its still not 'clear or white' but the Jessica is pretty well almost white with a blue hue. This colour can be valued at around $150, 000 in nature. The Jessica Diamond was made for £10,950 in 15 different processes (any of which could have failed).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dispelling the Myths is the only British private company making 'Memorial Diamonds', others are Russian, American & European.
Our head office is at Sunrise House, on the Macclesfield
Industrial Estate, in Cheshire,
We are not agents or connected to any other 'MD' maker
(other than our own Australian agent) - especially LifeGems..
We are supplier members of the NAFD, SAIF & APPCC
The genuine diamonds are laboratory grown using High
Pressure (10,000 tons/sq”) High Heat (1300c) over time
which was perfected in Russia in the 1950's.
Memorial Diamonds are usually made from 100gms ashes
(or 15 gms of hair), sometimes from 500 grams of ashes.
Phoenix made the first diamond in the world from the
umbilical cord of a (at risk) premature baby – Jessica.
Canary Yellow and Blue is a natural colour of 'MD's - not
white, green, pink, red which have to be irradiated.
Natural Blue and White/Blue are extremely difficult to make,
so are expensive and can take a lot longer to grow.
Phoenix genuine diamonds are the least expensive in the
world at £2950 for a ½ carat canary (minimum order). Our
size sales tolerance is +/- 0.05crt (5%) not 9% like 'others'.
'MD's are usually more expensive than mined diamonds.
Hardly any 'MD' is totally flawless and is as unique as the
ashes/hair used.
Phoenix 'MD's cannot be made from DNA (it dies at 300c)
or a few strands of hair (there is not enough carbon)
DiamondAura, diamonette, CZ, Moissanite, Silicon Carbide
are NOT diamonds. There are many fakes and names.
Genuine 'MD's have the exact same characteristics and spec's
as mined diamonds and can be certified (if required).
It takes 13 – 15 weeks to process the 15 stages for Canary
and about 8 months for Blues.
Our smallest diamond worthwhile is 0.25crt, the largest we
can make is around 2.00 carat. The most common 0.75crt.
We ask for only 50% upfront, the balance on delivery. We do
not have-to but prefer to offer 14 days 'cooling off'.
All orders are uniquely numbered and have a separate audit
trail right to the delivery of the diamonds in person.
It is not macabre, bizarre or insensitive to desire such a
lasting memento of a loved one, it is a unique opportunity.
The bereaved genuinely appreciate being informed about
'MD's as a choice – before burial or scattering of ashes.
Although we do not make the jewellery, 'MD's can be
mounted in rings, pendants or just kept safe, and - they will
last forever as an immortal memorial for generations.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunrise Diamonds plc and us.........

We would like to assure anyone misinterpreting the coicidences of a common address, that there is NO CONNECTION whatsoever between the Phoenix Group and Sunrise Diamonds plc at Sunrise House. We are a totally independent and privately owned UK company, specializing in the manufacture of 'Memorial Diamonds' (not natural mined diamonds).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cryomation & Cryomation Diamonds

Today (Thursday 11th Feb) we discovered a new way of being sent into the next world - Cryomation - a greener alternative to Cremation and burial.
Using liquid nitrogen to freeze dry the body, all the water is removed and the remains are scientifically treated.
We are researching offering Cryomation diamonds and will update this post soon.
In the meantime don't hesitate to call us 0870 881 0612 or e-mail from our contacts page

In the near future we will develop

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How much are diamonds worth? - will take you to 'Langerman Diamonds Encyclopedia', you may see many references to the different colours of NATURAL diamonds.
Two important colours to us are Yellow (we term them Canary) and Blue - various shades.
You will also see the Pink and Blue are the same 'value' at $100k - $250k per carat. The yellow are mentioned to be around $10,000 - $50,000 per carat.
Please don't compare the prices as our diamonds are made from cremation ashes and hair of the deceased....but it's interesting to see NATURAL colours have a huge colour spread from red to black

Friday, January 15, 2010

Digby the Digger Dog

One of our dog diamonds (there have been a few) a 1.00carat Canary brilliant mounted in a custom ring setting with diamond chips. The ring has been designed by our Ozzie agent - Sue and the diamond has been mae from the ashes of her own 'Digby'

Friday, October 16, 2009

A gentleman's memorial diamond ring

This is out latest 'Memorial Diamond' photo as supplied by a customer. The diamond is a 0.75 carat brilliant cut canary mounted in Welsh Gold - formed from an amalgamation of both wedding rings.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We honestly don't mind about 'competition', but when a website infers that its diamonds originate the carbon source from the DNA within a strand of hair - whether it be Michael Jackson or Beethoven - we have to comment.

We are reliably informed by the UK Gov. Pathology Dept; that "DNA dies at temperatures above 300c". As most HPHT diamond lab's use temperatures around 1300c (as we do) I fail to see how any DNA can be found. There may well be carbon remnants, but a strand of hair would not contain sufficient amounts as to say that a diamond is that of anyone. The ocean that MJ stepped in probably contains molucules of his carbon, so you may as well use a bucketfull of seawater.
Therefore, the website which calls itself "DNA2Diamonds" probably do make diamonds but not using anyones DNA for the unique carbon source.
The diamond above was made from a 25gms of hair from a horses tail 'The Reverand'

Monday, September 14, 2009

5 British Sterling Silver & Gold pendants.

We are always trying to help customers who may not be able to afford our 'Memorial Diamonds' and to this end we can no supply 'Memorial Jewellery' (hollow-ware) in Sterling Silver and 14crt Gold Vermeil. Our blog for the jewellery is at
This item is a heart pendant at around £150, measuring 19mm x 18mm with an 18" silver chain.
Other similar peices are - Cross, Terdrop, Round and a Cylinder. Also available in Solid 9crt Gold.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The future of memorials??

The picture shows a Japanese family scanninig a QR-Code 2D image installed inside a niche - which automatically loads a photo album, a video of the deceased and access to the family blog on his moble 'phone.
For those of you who can use this technology, the image above will take you to our new micro-site which is good for 'dial-up' modems and old PC's as well as the new iPhone.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ashes to Diamonds

Well it would seem that we are 'on' for being included in a documatry on channel 4 TV, Friday the 24th of July. The 'First Cut' film by David Brindley shows what people are doing with the loved-one's ashes - including making diamonds [by us].

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Developments from Memorial Windchimes

New Developments from Memorial Windchimes

Memorial Windchimes

Just in time for the National Funeral Exhibition last week (12th June), we completed our trials and the final developments of my invention (back in 1998) for encapsulating ashes into crystal 'icicles' to make a fabulous windchime. Rather than 'rip-off' the patent (like 'ashes-into-glass' have) we asked the holder to issue us with the only license to use that part of the patent.
It took ages to perfect the 'icicles' - which also use waste crystal from 'Dartington' glass works - so we are being 'green').
The wind chimes will be avialable at a cost of £350 for four 'icicles'. The colours available are Violet, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Amber and Cranberry. The wind catcher can be engraved with 'loved-one's details. Delivery about 6 weeks from order.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a Nutshell.......updated 17th October 2016

We make genuine memorial diamonds using carbon extracted from 'Cremains' or hair. 2006 we made the first diamond in the world using the umbilical cord of a baby. Our diamonds are NOT synthetic, faux, Aura, CZ, 'Moissanite' or made of DNA. They can (if required) be certified by the UK Assay Office [AnchorCert].

Diamond sizes range from 0.25 [1/4] carat up to 2.00 carat. Diamond colours : Mainly Canary yellow and free-range shades of Blue, White (+blue hue) and PINK. Diamond cuts : We strongly recommend round 'Brilliant' cut - 58 facets. Canary diamonds use 100gms of ashes per carat. The minimum order value for canary is 1x .5crt; or 2x .33crt; or 3x .25crt - this is because the processing is almost the same for any weight of diamond. Costs : Brilliant Canary 1.00crt = £6500 [i.e. 0.75crt = £487]
Orders could consist of various sizes, we have made up to 10 at once. Blue's use a more technical process using 200 gms of ashes or 25 grams of hair/crt. Smallest Blue is 0.33carat (=£3625**) largest is 1.25 crt (possibly 1.50 crt). The calculating price for Blue's is £10,950** per carat. The Canary process takes around 13-15 weeks, Blue's can take much longer. See our published price lists
Terms and conditions apply, detailed in plain English on our order form.

HQ : Macclesfield, UK, we trade internationally.
Completely independent group of companies.
ceo : Mike Kelly, based in Manchester, UK.
Call : 0870 881 0612 [int +44 1614199744.
9.00am - 9.00pm GMT Mon -Sat].
e-mail :
Website :
new blog : Memorial Jewellery Blog address =

[**prices Sterling @ October 2016 : e.a.e]

Value versus Prices

“It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little.

When you pay too much, you lose a little money...that is all.

When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was supposed to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a cannot be done.

If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better”

John Ruskin – Philosopher 1819-1900

Friday, December 12, 2008

New products - Memorial Jewellery

We are pleased to announce that we can now supply Memorial Jewellery. These mementos are manufactured to the highest standards in Solid Silver, Silver with Vermeil (14crt gold heavy plating) and 14 crt solid gold.  A tiny amount of cremation ashes is inserted through an almost invisible filler hole so that a loved one or pet can be with you always.  You can also see our other blog at  where you will also find prices from £150