Monday, March 24, 2008

Can we supply a raw diamond made from ashes?

We've been asked a few times if we can supply the raw diamond crystal made from the ashes of a loved-one,  well we could I suppose, but what would be the point? The idea of cutting and polishing diamonds is to capture the flashes of fire, the scintillation of light which diamonds do so well. You may as well encapsulate your ashes into glass, it would be cheaper and probably more suited. So I think we have to decline from even going there, after all 'fancy' diamonds arre so valuable in any case, it would be a shame to make a diamond out of a loved-one and then present it a just a rough crystal. Better to cut and polish it to allow it to shine and last forever. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marriage of partners, a pair of identical gems.

Thinking of a 'Civil Partnership'?  
Bought the rings yet?? 

Our new website offers to blend/combine/marry two amounts of beard trimmings or hair, extract the carbon and make two absolutely identical 0.75 carat (6mm round) 'Brilliant' cut canary diamonds, to be mounted in identical gold bands.

Call 0870 881 0612 
or e-mail

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sherry Jewellery, Lincolnshire

We are pleased to offer Sherry Jewellery in Lincolnshire, as independent designers for bespoke commissions, Ruth and Chris' are experts at settings which not only secure the irreplaceable memorial diamonds, but also show them off to their full fire and sparkle.
They can be contacted on 01526 834411 or via e-mail at you could also see their wares on their own website

Brilliant cut canary

On beauty from a recent batch made from 'Cremains. Brilliant cut with 58 facets. The cut used gets the best light return and offers scintillation which cannot be surpassed.

New diamonds from the lab'

This is a 1 carat canary yellow real diamond made from 'Cremains - just 100 grams, however it took 10,000 tons per sq.inch and 1300c for a few weeks. Then from the 3 carat crystal it was cut in the ubiquitous 'brilliant' cut (which has 58 facets) - not too deep and not too shallow to allow the light to pass in and straight out but split into all the colours of the rainbow.
Sorry about the quality of the video - blame Blooger