Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dog rises from the ashes......

Story from 'Your Dog Magazine

A dog owner from Essex has had her beloved dog Deefer, a Collie cross Labrador, made into a blue diamond, at a cost of £3,500.

Photographic agent Charlotte Bassett decided to have the keepsake made from his ashes by Phoenix Diamonds, a company that specialises in creating diamonds from the carbon content of ashes and hair.[That's us!!!]

When Phoenix Diamonds CEO Mike Kelly delivered the diamond he said he was sorry that she had lost her 'husband' at such a young age. She replied 'It wasn't my husband's ashes, it was my dog Deefer, as in 'D' for 'Dog'.

The dog, which died aged 14 and a half, was a much loved part of Bassett's family. "He was constantly by my side and was a peacemaker, pushing my children apart, to prevent a fight," she said.

After placing the order, Charlotte waited three months for the gem to arrive and now plans to have the gem mounted on a pendant. For her upcoming wedding the blue coloured stone will provide the colour for the wedding tradition of 'something borrowed, something blue.'

"The jeweller at Hatton Gardens, who is mounting the gem, was stunned that the diamond started out as dog!" she said.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What are coloured diamonds worth?

Bizarre as it may seem, RED diamonds seem to be exceedingly valuable - yet they may be confused with Rubies, Garnet and fake gems.
Our Blues at £10,950 seem good value???? and considering our diamonds are actually made of our a loved-one, partner or pet- very good value in deed.

This is an extraction from the website :- Color Diamond Encyclopedia

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Diamond Aura.....give me a break!!!!!!

We have come across various websites purporting to offer "Diamonds"  some of which are also called 'DiamondAura' - we do not believe these are the same as real diamonds and the following comparison chart may help prove this.........
One website offers a "diamond" for about £650 (and offers a second for half that!!!!) and a magazine article offers a whole necklace of 2 carat weight for just £99.............
We rest our case

Friday, October 03, 2008

More about "DiamondAura" (whatever that is?)

We have to make it quite clear, we have nothing but contempt for anyone ripping off our website name simply to capitalise on our earned Google collateral, by using our trading name or suggesting we have anything to do with cheap imitation diamonds like these.
Whatever material they do sell - it is a published fact "DiamondAura" can be bought from STAUER in the UK and the US for peanuts. It should also be noted that these stones should not plunged into hot water for fear of cracking!!!! and jewellers cannot heat them above 300c - BIZARRE.
Even IF we could make this material - we would not, for we only make REAL DIAMONDS.
Watch this space.............

Diamond Comparison Table

We have been asked what is the difference between our REAL diamonds and 'simulants' or 'synthetic' diamonds, so here is a chart...........and we will also show you the chart for "DiamondAura" to prove it is not a diamond.....