Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One of three fabulous Urns by John Ditchfield

We missed this fabulous urn when we were installing the photo's on the blog. If you wish to see the other two we have commissioned, please fly right down to the bottom of the blog.  This is for sale at £580

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two fabulous new 'Blue's

The two lower photo's are off our latest laboratory grown 'Blue's. Each approx' 0.75carat, cut in 58 facet Brilliant. They represent a new stage of development using both ashes and hair as a carbon source from either living or dead 'loved-ones', be they human or pet.
The costs to the customers for these would be in the region of £9000 each. Delivery on 'Blue's is always slightly longer but would be around 5 months.
We realize its still not 'clear or white' but the Jessica is pretty well almost white with a blue hue. This colour can be valued at around $150, 000 in nature. The Jessica Diamond was made for £10,950 in 15 different processes (any of which could have failed).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dispelling the Myths

Phoenix-Diamonds.com is the only British private company making 'Memorial Diamonds', others are Russian, American & European.
Our head office is at Sunrise House, on the Macclesfield
Industrial Estate, in Cheshire,
We are not agents or connected to any other 'MD' maker
(other than our own Australian agent) - especially LifeGems..
We are supplier members of the NAFD, SAIF & APPCC
The genuine diamonds are laboratory grown using High
Pressure (10,000 tons/sq”) High Heat (1300c) over time
which was perfected in Russia in the 1950's.
Memorial Diamonds are usually made from 100gms ashes
(or 15 gms of hair), sometimes from 500 grams of ashes.
Phoenix made the first diamond in the world from the
umbilical cord of a (at risk) premature baby – Jessica.
Canary Yellow and Blue is a natural colour of 'MD's - not
white, green, pink, red which have to be irradiated.
Natural Blue and White/Blue are extremely difficult to make,
so are expensive and can take a lot longer to grow.
Phoenix genuine diamonds are the least expensive in the
world at £2950 for a ½ carat canary (minimum order). Our
size sales tolerance is +/- 0.05crt (5%) not 9% like 'others'.
'MD's are usually more expensive than mined diamonds.
Hardly any 'MD' is totally flawless and is as unique as the
ashes/hair used.
Phoenix 'MD's cannot be made from DNA (it dies at 300c)
or a few strands of hair (there is not enough carbon)
DiamondAura, diamonette, CZ, Moissanite, Silicon Carbide
are NOT diamonds. There are many fakes and names.
Genuine 'MD's have the exact same characteristics and spec's
as mined diamonds and can be certified (if required).
It takes 13 – 15 weeks to process the 15 stages for Canary
and about 8 months for Blues.
Our smallest diamond worthwhile is 0.25crt, the largest we
can make is around 2.00 carat. The most common 0.75crt.
We ask for only 50% upfront, the balance on delivery. We do
not have-to but prefer to offer 14 days 'cooling off'.
All orders are uniquely numbered and have a separate audit
trail right to the delivery of the diamonds in person.
It is not macabre, bizarre or insensitive to desire such a
lasting memento of a loved one, it is a unique opportunity.
The bereaved genuinely appreciate being informed about
'MD's as a choice – before burial or scattering of ashes.
Although we do not make the jewellery, 'MD's can be
mounted in rings, pendants or just kept safe, and - they will
last forever as an immortal memorial for generations.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunrise Diamonds plc and us.........

We would like to assure anyone misinterpreting the coicidences of a common address, that there is NO CONNECTION whatsoever between the Phoenix Group and Sunrise Diamonds plc at Sunrise House. We are a totally independent and privately owned UK company, specializing in the manufacture of 'Memorial Diamonds' (not natural mined diamonds).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cryomation & Cryomation Diamonds

Today (Thursday 11th Feb) we discovered a new way of being sent into the next world - Cryomation - a greener alternative to Cremation and burial.
Using liquid nitrogen to freeze dry the body, all the water is removed and the remains are scientifically treated.
We are researching offering Cryomation diamonds and will update this post soon.
In the meantime don't hesitate to call us 0870 881 0612 or e-mail from our contacts page http://phoenix-diamonds.com/contact/

In the near future we will develop www.cryomation-diamonds.co.uk

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How much are diamonds worth?

http://bit.ly/8xNWMd - will take you to 'Langerman Diamonds Encyclopedia', you may see many references to the different colours of NATURAL diamonds.
Two important colours to us are Yellow (we term them Canary) and Blue - various shades.
You will also see the Pink and Blue are the same 'value' at $100k - $250k per carat. The yellow are mentioned to be around $10,000 - $50,000 per carat.
Please don't compare the prices as our diamonds are made from cremation ashes and hair of the deceased....but it's interesting to see NATURAL colours have a huge colour spread from red to black

Friday, January 15, 2010

Digby the Digger Dog

One of our dog diamonds (there have been a few) a 1.00carat Canary brilliant mounted in a custom ring setting with diamond chips. The ring has been designed by our Ozzie agent - Sue and the diamond has been mae from the ashes of her own 'Digby'