Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eternity Crystal - friends we would recommend

we understand just how much you treasure the memory of your loved ones and scattering of their ashes is such a final farewell. Using a patented process of fusing a small amount of the ash into crystal glass, we have developed a unique range of memorial products by which to remember them

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When is a "Pink" diamond - not actually 'Pink'???

All is not what it seems (allegedly) .... along with the many bizarre named synthetic gems (which we have to admit SOME are brilliant), the public are now faced with a new phenomena - coated diamonds - these are natural or lower quality man-made diamonds which have been specially coated in ["diamond" (sic)] the colour required (ie Pink, Blue, Red, etc).
But what is the problem? Natural (mined) Pink and Blue diamonds are much more expensive than their white counterparts - in the region of $100,000 to $250,000 per carat. If the subject diamond is 'coated' in the colour, surely the real value is almost the same as its donor diamond, after-all it is simply a coating? OK it may be a "diamond" coating but not through and through - just on the surface.
Our natural colour diamonds are not interfered with in any way, canary yellow is bright yellow and the 'Blues' range between Aqua and Sapphire.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tomorrows Traditions [TT] complain about our warnings

So, 'TT' have been busy again. Not only do we have to contend with them 'ripping-off' our website name "www. memorial-diamonds.com" by registering (months after us!!) memorialdiamonds.co.uk**.  and also using our name 'Phoenix' in one of their promo's - thereby capitalising on our Google collateral - we now hear they are crying about our warnings about "DiamondAura™". It gets better - We had suspicions years ago that 'Steel Rose' was trying to 'get-in' on our market but suddenly registering the same name** behind our backs, which then falls into the hands of our competition.  Now they are bellyaching about our warning to the public about 'DiamonAura™' - which as the advert shows are not 'diamonds'[sic] and are supplied by STAUER  for £145. They are real sparklers and very good, but not what we make - which are REAL DIAMONDS.  So, any company stupid enough to adopt a name synonymous with FAKE gems is asking for trouble. You can see the full advert at - http://bit.ly/iwrs2y - please be sure to do your research, look for 'Cognac' diamonds - they are usually Russian, then make sure you are buying REAL diamonds made from your ashes by a British company.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New blue memorial diamonds and their 'value'

Although Blue Memorial Diamonds are more expensive than the bright Canary yellow we usually make, 'Blues' have become very popular. Canary coloured diamonds are quite rare in nature and can command £7500 to £35,000 per carat. We make them for £5975 per carat. Natural 'blues' on the other hand can cost between £65,000 to above £150,000 per carat. We make 'blues' for £12,000/crt - so although the bereaved may not wish to sell their 'Memorial Diamonds' they are certainly getting a real bargain.
We were asked on Ch4 TV why we didn't simply make 'Blues' (non-memorial) but as we stated then, we only make 'Memorial Diamonds and there is more to life and death than profit, besides, if we charged what the 'Blues' were actually worth, no-one would be able to afford the last remnant of their loved-one.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Putting ashes into glass crystal

We have been fortunate to gain a license from the patent holder for the installation of ashes inside glass (as seen in our wind-chimes). Now we have our first crystal flower vase with ashes inside the orb at the base. Available in 6 colours the vases will be featured on their own website soon.