Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tomorrows Traditions [TT] complain about our warnings

So, 'TT' have been busy again. Not only do we have to contend with them 'ripping-off' our website name "www." by registering (months after us!!)**.  and also using our name 'Phoenix' in one of their promo's - thereby capitalising on our Google collateral - we now hear they are crying about our warnings about "DiamondAura™". It gets better - We had suspicions years ago that 'Steel Rose' was trying to 'get-in' on our market but suddenly registering the same name** behind our backs, which then falls into the hands of our competition.  Now they are bellyaching about our warning to the public about 'DiamonAura™' - which as the advert shows are not 'diamonds'[sic] and are supplied by STAUER  for £145. They are real sparklers and very good, but not what we make - which are REAL DIAMONDS.  So, any company stupid enough to adopt a name synonymous with FAKE gems is asking for trouble. You can see the full advert at - - please be sure to do your research, look for 'Cognac' diamonds - they are usually Russian, then make sure you are buying REAL diamonds made from your ashes by a British company.