Thursday, October 18, 2012

A raw man-made memorial diamond

raw diamond image
We are always being asked what our Memorial Diamonds look like before the raw diamond crystal is cut and polished, so I thought I should show you just one.  Well - its almost like a dodecahedron or perhaps as an illustration - like 2 square pyramids with the bases glued togther but with more facets.  This is a NATURAL growth shape and colour of a memorial diamond crystal.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Diamond Colours, Rarity and Price

Natural (mined) Coloured diamonds (Fancies) come in almost all the colours of the rainbow. Indeed, some colours are more attractive than others, and in particular the colours whose names evoke a strong image - red, pink, blue, green, orange, etc. In such cases, the price depends not only on the rarity of the colour, but also on the demand for it: the greater the demand, the higher the price. Conversely, beautiful grey diamonds are rarer than many other colours, but cost a lot less as the demand for them is currently much weaker. In the same way, colours that laboratories have defined with composite names (orange brown, gray or grayish-blue, yellow orange, orange pink…) are less sought and relatively less expensive, in spite of their rarity.  Comments from Langerman Diamonds

That's why we only manufacture Canary and Free-Range Blue 'Memorial Diamonds'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Honey Bee Diamond

We at Phoenix Diamonds just love trying 'Firsts' - we made the first diamond in the world from an umbilical cord 'The Jessica Diamond'. The first diamond from the Promessa process and NOW - the first diamond made from bees [they died a natural death] but from the deaths of  2500 honey bees they will live-on, because from their bodies we extracted their unique carbon, compressed it at 10,000 tons/sq.ins. and heated it to 1300c for some time, to produce a raw diamond which we cut and polished with 58 facets in a brilliant cut.

The results are truly fabulous, actually a honey coloured diamond at around 1.25 carats.

Our philanthropy will help towards further research into 'Hive Death' and the plight of bees in a modern society intent on keeping insects in check and unfortunately killing bees in the process (or so it is alleged). Without bees pollinating WE ALL DIE

The diamonds will be auctioned very soon once the donors of the dead bees have had a chance to see their beautiful results

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$35,000 for a brown diamonds???? Are they mad??

We must show you this..... This is a photo' of a diamond offered to us by a far-east lab' - for "US$35,000", it's 0.8 carat [that's $43,750 a carat!!!!] it's princess cut - BUT SURELY IT'S HORRIBLE!!! It's described as "Fancy Brownish Reddish Orange at only $35k"!!!     Are they bonkers??

Our own lab' grown 'Memorial Diamonds' costs £6500 for a gorgeous brilliant cut 1.00 carat canary yellow coloured diamond - AND - It's made from the last remnants of your loved-one.  Our Free-Range Blue diamonds have been reduced to £9,950/crt.

Canary yellow diamonds can cost $100,000/ct in natural form..... and Blue diamonds - a staggering $500,000/carat

Here is a link to the value of NATURAL (mined) diamonds :-

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The first diamonds in the world from 'Promession'

Two fabulous Canary diamonds, made from both processes by 'Promessa.SA' in Sweden. Promession is the 'freeze-drying' process of laying the deceased to rest, after the process, this can further be enhanced by growing and dedicating a tree or simply scattering the promains. We [Phoenix] extracted carbon from both processes and made 2 unique diamonds from each. A/ 1.00carat brilliant cut canary and B/ a 1/2 carat canary from the cremated remains. The 1.00 carat is likely to be the standard and a real sparkler.  This is yet another 'First' for the group. No1, was the 'Jessica Diamond' (from an ubilical cord) 2nd was the 'London Riots' diamond and 3rd  - these two made from 'Promession'. No doublt you will read more about both 'Promessa' and Phoenix Memorial Diamonds (one of only 4 in the world offering the service).

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The London Riots : A diamond rises from the ashes

A Glasgow artist - Teresa Margolles - asked us if it was possible to make a Blue diamond from the detritus of the 'London Riots' (using carbon extracted from various bits of wood, sweepings and other debris).
After extensive processing, we are proud to show the actual diamond featured in the exhibition.
The diamond is a 0.79 carat Brilliant cut Blue/White which is very clean, sparkly and without visible inclusions.
This diamond joins are 'world firsts' [The Jessica Diamond, The Promessa Diamonds]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dispelling the myths about Memorial Diamonds is the only British private company making 'Memorial Diamonds', others are Russian, American & European.
Our head office is at Sunrise House, on the Macclesfield Industrial Estate, in Cheshire,
We are not agents or connected to any other 'MD' maker (other than our own Australian agent).
We are supplier members of the NAFD, SAIF & APPCC
The genuine diamonds are laboratory grown using High Pressure (10,000 tons/sq”) High Heat (1300c) over time which was perfected in Russia in the 1950's.
Memorial Diamonds are usually made from 100gms ashes (or 15 gms of hair), sometimes from 500 grams of ashes.
Phoenix made the first diamond in the world from the umbilical cord of a (at risk) premature baby – Jessica.
Canary Yellow and Blue is a natural colour of 'MD's - not white, green, pink, red which have to be irradiated.
Natural Blue and White/Blue are extremely difficult to make, so are expensive and can take a lot longer to grow.
Phoenix genuine diamonds are the least expensive in the world at £2950 for a ½ carat canary (minimum order). Our size sales tolerance is +/- 0.05crt (5%) not 9% like 'others'.
'MD's are usually more expensive than mined diamonds.
Hardly any 'MD' is totally flawless and is as unique as the ashes/hair used.
Phoenix 'MD's cannot be made from DNA (it dies at 300c) or a few strands of hair (there is not enough carbon)
DiamondAura, diamonette, CZ, Moissanite, Silicon Carbide are NOT diamonds. There are many fakes and names.
Genuine 'MD's have the exact same characteristics and spec's as mined diamonds and can be certified (if required).
It takes 13 – 15 weeks to process the 15 stages for Canary and about 8 months for Blues.
Our smallest diamond worthwhile is 0.25crt, the largest we can make is around 2.00 carat. The most common 0.75crt.
We ask for only 50% upfront, the balance on delivery. We do not have-to but prefer to offer 14 days 'cooling off'.
All orders are uniquely numbered and have a separate audit trail right to the delivery of the diamonds in person.
It is not macabre, bizarre or insensitive to desire such a lasting memento of a loved one, it is a unique opportunity.
The bereaved genuinely appreciate being informed about 'MD's as a choice – before burial or scattering of ashes.
Although we do not make the jewellery, 'MD's can be mounted in rings, pendants or just kept safe, and - they will last forever as an immortal memorial for generations.
We also make 'Memorial Windchimes' for £350 and have a license from the patent holder for putting ashes into glass. You can call or text the MD any-time on 0771 288 7993
You can call us on 0870 881 0612 - 9.00am and 9.00pm Mon-Sat. Answer-machine or diverted direct to the MD. No faxes.
The MD's iPhone e-mail address is

Please don't ever ask us for BLACK DIAMONDS

Why would anyone desire a BLACK Memorial Diamond?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tomorrows Traditions finally bite the dust, but Bio-Diamonds spring up?

A BBC '3 Counties Radio' program was brought to my attention on Wednesday 22nd February. This was Jonathon Vernon-Smith's mid-day consumer help feature. Apparently he had been investigating a very serious allegation from a lady in France that Tomorrows Traditions had stopped answering 'phones and e-mails and that she (the lady) wanted a refund of monies paid up-front, but most importantly she wanted her husbands ashes back. Over the days, Jonathon had tracked Lisa Barker (the owner of TT) to both a working e-mail and a private 'phone line. So the poo is most definitely flying from the fanned flames.

Now this is all on top of a bizarre e-mail from one of the 'partners' which stated that they (TT) had supplied Memorial Diamonds with NO carbon from a deceased donor. What also became clear was - their supplier was a Russian company, who are now trying to take over from where 'TT' left off.  Bio-Diamonds

In a very specialist niche industry of only 5 memorial diamond lab's in the world, this kind of situation offers more fuel to the existing worries we have gleaned from enquirers over the years. (These are mentioned in our FAQ section) : Are the diamonds REAL : Do we actually use ashes supplied : How much does it cost?.

With over 150 memorial diamonds made, we don't have one customer unhappy with their diamond we made.
As members of the NAFD and also SAIF, we work to an ethical code of practice. We ONLY make memorial diamonds - from carbon extracted from ashes and hair (and umbilical cords).

Some of our diamonds are less and some are more expensive than our competitors, but - honestly - we are NOT profit driven. John Ruskin once reflected -Value v Prices -

Later on, we will explain about why you cannot make diamonds from DNA or make them cheaply.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why are Pink Memorial Diamonds our 'Holy Grail'?

So you see, laboratory diamonds in Pink are very expensive (and these are trade prices). $120,000 for 1.37 carat is around £60,000/crt.

We have made Pink diamonds and if we could make them consistantly, we would be still only be charging around £17,500 per carat AND they would be made from carbon extracted from hair or ashes.

The 'Natural' Fancy Intense Pink is around  £28,000

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A bizarre confession from a Ex partner of Tomorrows Traditions

I'm going to cut and paste this e-mail unadulterated [dated 14th Jan. 2012]
 Allegedly from [Vincent Neale, Ex partner, Tomorrows Traditions] Checked True.

"Dear Phoenix Diamonds,
For your information I have contacted the Police and a solicitor for advice regarding Tomorrows Traditions.
Please be aware I will be reporting Tomorrows Traditions to the British Jewellers Association and trading standards for mis-selling practices. I will also be reporting them to the Government fraud department for selling a stone which held no personal carbon whatsoever.

I thought this may be very useful information to any future potential customers if they mention the Tomorrows Traditions company.
Kind regards

And they have the audacity to complain about us "Ripping one of their domain names off" 
Kettle, Black comes to mind.

See an update 23rd February 2016