Saturday, January 21, 2012

A bizarre confession from a Ex partner of Tomorrows Traditions

I'm going to cut and paste this e-mail unadulterated [dated 14th Jan. 2012]
 Allegedly from [Vincent Neale, Ex partner, Tomorrows Traditions] Checked True.

"Dear Phoenix Diamonds,
For your information I have contacted the Police and a solicitor for advice regarding Tomorrows Traditions.
Please be aware I will be reporting Tomorrows Traditions to the British Jewellers Association and trading standards for mis-selling practices. I will also be reporting them to the Government fraud department for selling a stone which held no personal carbon whatsoever.

I thought this may be very useful information to any future potential customers if they mention the Tomorrows Traditions company.
Kind regards

And they have the audacity to complain about us "Ripping one of their domain names off" 
Kettle, Black comes to mind.

See an update 23rd February 2016

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Anonymous said...

well i hope she gets whats coming to her feel sorry for all the people took in by her