Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tomorrows Traditions finally bite the dust, but Bio-Diamonds spring up?

A BBC '3 Counties Radio' program was brought to my attention on Wednesday 22nd February. This was Jonathon Vernon-Smith's mid-day consumer help feature. Apparently he had been investigating a very serious allegation from a lady in France that Tomorrows Traditions had stopped answering 'phones and e-mails and that she (the lady) wanted a refund of monies paid up-front, but most importantly she wanted her husbands ashes back. Over the days, Jonathon had tracked Lisa Barker (the owner of TT) to both a working e-mail and a private 'phone line. So the poo is most definitely flying from the fanned flames.

Now this is all on top of a bizarre e-mail from one of the 'partners' which stated that they (TT) had supplied Memorial Diamonds with NO carbon from a deceased donor. What also became clear was - their supplier was a Russian company, who are now trying to take over from where 'TT' left off.  Bio-Diamonds

In a very specialist niche industry of only 5 memorial diamond lab's in the world, this kind of situation offers more fuel to the existing worries we have gleaned from enquirers over the years. (These are mentioned in our FAQ section) : Are the diamonds REAL : Do we actually use ashes supplied : How much does it cost?.

With over 150 memorial diamonds made, we don't have one customer unhappy with their diamond we made.
As members of the NAFD and also SAIF, we work to an ethical code of practice. We ONLY make memorial diamonds - from carbon extracted from ashes and hair (and umbilical cords).

Some of our diamonds are less and some are more expensive than our competitors, but - honestly - we are NOT profit driven. John Ruskin once reflected -Value v Prices -

Later on, we will explain about why you cannot make diamonds from DNA or make them cheaply.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why are Pink Memorial Diamonds our 'Holy Grail'?

So you see, laboratory diamonds in Pink are very expensive (and these are trade prices). $120,000 for 1.37 carat is around £60,000/crt.

We have made Pink diamonds and if we could make them consistantly, we would be still only be charging around £17,500 per carat AND they would be made from carbon extracted from hair or ashes.

The 'Natural' Fancy Intense Pink is around  £28,000