Thursday, May 24, 2012

The first diamonds in the world from 'Promession'

Two fabulous Canary diamonds, made from both processes by 'Promessa.SA' in Sweden. Promession is the 'freeze-drying' process of laying the deceased to rest, after the process, this can further be enhanced by growing and dedicating a tree or simply scattering the promains. We [Phoenix] extracted carbon from both processes and made 2 unique diamonds from each. A/ 1.00carat brilliant cut canary and B/ a 1/2 carat canary from the cremated remains. The 1.00 carat is likely to be the standard and a real sparkler.  This is yet another 'First' for the group. No1, was the 'Jessica Diamond' (from an ubilical cord) 2nd was the 'London Riots' diamond and 3rd  - these two made from 'Promession'. No doublt you will read more about both 'Promessa' and Phoenix Memorial Diamonds (one of only 4 in the world offering the service).

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The London Riots : A diamond rises from the ashes

A Glasgow artist - Teresa Margolles - asked us if it was possible to make a Blue diamond from the detritus of the 'London Riots' (using carbon extracted from various bits of wood, sweepings and other debris).
After extensive processing, we are proud to show the actual diamond featured in the exhibition.
The diamond is a 0.79 carat Brilliant cut Blue/White which is very clean, sparkly and without visible inclusions.
This diamond joins are 'world firsts' [The Jessica Diamond, The Promessa Diamonds]