Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$35,000 for a brown diamonds???? Are they mad??

We must show you this..... This is a photo' of a diamond offered to us by a far-east lab' - for "US$35,000", it's 0.8 carat [that's $43,750 a carat!!!!] it's princess cut - BUT SURELY IT'S HORRIBLE!!! It's described as "Fancy Brownish Reddish Orange at only $35k"!!!     Are they bonkers??

Our own lab' grown 'Memorial Diamonds' costs £6500 for a gorgeous brilliant cut 1.00 carat canary yellow coloured diamond - AND - It's made from the last remnants of your loved-one.  Our Free-Range Blue diamonds have been reduced to £9,950/crt.

Canary yellow diamonds can cost $100,000/ct in natural form..... and Blue diamonds - a staggering $500,000/carat

Here is a link to the value of NATURAL (mined) diamonds :-