Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Honey Bee Diamond

We at Phoenix Diamonds just love trying 'Firsts' - we made the first diamond in the world from an umbilical cord 'The Jessica Diamond'. The first diamond from the Promessa process and NOW - the first diamond made from bees [they died a natural death] but from the deaths of  2500 honey bees they will live-on, because from their bodies we extracted their unique carbon, compressed it at 10,000 tons/sq.ins. and heated it to 1300c for some time, to produce a raw diamond which we cut and polished with 58 facets in a brilliant cut.

The results are truly fabulous, actually a honey coloured diamond at around 1.25 carats.

Our philanthropy will help towards further research into 'Hive Death' and the plight of bees in a modern society intent on keeping insects in check and unfortunately killing bees in the process (or so it is alleged). Without bees pollinating WE ALL DIE

The diamonds will be auctioned very soon once the donors of the dead bees have had a chance to see their beautiful results