Thursday, October 18, 2012

A raw man-made memorial diamond

raw diamond image
We are always being asked what our Memorial Diamonds look like before the raw diamond crystal is cut and polished, so I thought I should show you just one.  Well - its almost like a dodecahedron or perhaps as an illustration - like 2 square pyramids with the bases glued togther but with more facets.  This is a NATURAL growth shape and colour of a memorial diamond crystal.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Diamond Colours, Rarity and Price

Natural (mined) Coloured diamonds (Fancies) come in almost all the colours of the rainbow. Indeed, some colours are more attractive than others, and in particular the colours whose names evoke a strong image - red, pink, blue, green, orange, etc. In such cases, the price depends not only on the rarity of the colour, but also on the demand for it: the greater the demand, the higher the price. Conversely, beautiful grey diamonds are rarer than many other colours, but cost a lot less as the demand for them is currently much weaker. In the same way, colours that laboratories have defined with composite names (orange brown, gray or grayish-blue, yellow orange, orange pink…) are less sought and relatively less expensive, in spite of their rarity.  Comments from Langerman Diamonds

That's why we only manufacture Canary and Free-Range Blue 'Memorial Diamonds'