Friday, January 11, 2013

Can you put a price on a 'Memorial Diamond'?

We know (as manufacturers) making diamonds at all is a modern miracle. To make them from 'Cremains' (cremation ashes) or hair is yet another aspect that I think is absolutely taken for granted. 
When deciding what type of 'Memorial' (to a deceased loved-one) will be best, consideration should be given to - is the memorium for others to view or is the memento a personal issue.
Over the years we have had headstones with which to make a mark of respect, but surely the MOST enduring, MOST valuable memorial would be a DIAMOND?
They say 'Diamonds are Forever'.... If we are taking just 100 grams of ashes or about 15grams of hair to make THE most everlasting and valuable memento, all the rest of the ashes can still be scattered or the body simply buried - but it is the diamond that will be lasting the longest. It will be passed down through the family, generation to generation.
The costs of making our 'Memorial Diamonds' is creeping up and up, £6500 per carat is not only a worthy purchase but also a worthy everlasting and unique memento - to keep close to the survivors and loved-ones.
You can put ashes into glass (is not a paperweight a bit tacky?) You can put hair and ashes into jewellery but without the very special ability and production facilities costing 'millions' you cannot make a diamond like we can. Can you put a price on that??

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