Thursday, April 18, 2013

We wish funeral directors would promote UK 'Memorial Diamonds' - so why don't they?

Considering we ( are the only UK based 'Memorial Diamond' maker in the world, you would expect British funeral directors to learn more about Who, What, Why, When, Where and How....... Our competition is Russian, American and European - and that's it!!! Why? Because the equipment runs into ££Millions and the expertise spans many many years (of both failure and successes) so we are not likely to suffer anyone setting up next week.  But there is a difficulty facing all the bereaved left behind who wish to memorialise their loved one - with such huge sums involved (£3250 to £12,500) the industry is bound to have the con's and 'suspect' products..... Already we have had 'Tomorrows Traditions' allegedly conning customers who (in the words of an ex partner...) have supplied diamonds NOT made from the ashes of the loved-one.  It would be simple to buy a man-made diamond of almost flawless quality, throw the ashes away and hand over the cheaper diamond at the more profitable price of a real 'Memorial Diamond'.  Also, colours are suspect and we will tackle this in our next posting........ hold your breath

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