Monday, February 10, 2014

The 'Memorial Diamonds' we grow in our lab' are natural colours (not white as you would expect) but Canary Yellow and a free-range of Blue/White.
We have been experimenting trying to produce PINK DIAMONDS and although this is currently very difficult using cremation ashes or hair, nevertheless some diamonds have been successfully grown which are a beautiful shade of pinks. They are REAL but NOT made from anyones ashes or hair (just pure carbon).
If anyone in the UK is to become engaged/married and they would like to consider our REAL pink diamonds, they are all around the 1/2 carat weight, 'brilliant' cut (round) and we would be pleased to sell them for around £2500 each.
Considering MINED Pink Diamonds are so rare and they are valued at $100,000 [£75k] - $250,000 [£175k] per carat - our lab' grown diamonds are a bargain.

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