Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How many 'Memorial Diamonds' manufacturers are there in the UK

The simple answer is JUST ONE.  Despite what you may be led to believe, there are currently only FOUR 'MD' manufacturers in the whole world - Russia, Switzerland, America and 'Phoenix' in UK. We are British owned, we charge Sterling and have to pay British overheads. But what is the difference......

I'm expecting my most serious 'competitor' (Russian) to be reading this, but for YOU (my reader and potential customer) I'll offer my opinion.  Personally - and it is my decision, Phoenix would not offer any diamond less than 1/4 carat - it is small enough and it very uneconomical to make just one, so we offer them in 'three's (the equivalent to a 3/4 carat order).

Two of the 'others' will offer 1/10th of a carat - ridiculous, too small, the wind could blow it away and I could buy a 'mined' 10 point white diamond for you for just £22.  Now disregarding their perplexing 'range' where they offer "0.1- 0.19" - so what are you paying for 1/10th or nearly 1/5th??

One website tantalisingly offers "prices start at £185" but beware, it's seemingly for one of four???
Another offers the size "Melee" just to confuse us all. It's still in the range 0.1 to 0.19 - bizarre!
Lets simply work on one diamond 1/10th of a carat

One quotes a 1/10th ct.  at £1395 - that's a CARAT PRICE of £13,950
The other offers 0.1- 0.19 at £2295 - a whopping @22,950 per carat.

Currently, we charge £3250 for a 1/2 carat brilliant cut Canary diamond [£6500/ct] Pro-Rata
We offer 0.33ct in two's [0.66ct total weight = £4290] and 0.25ct in three's [0.75ct = £4875]

We only grow NATURAL colours which stem from the special personal carbon you provide - Canary yellow (very like LifeGems) but not "Orange-Yellow" or "Yellow-Green". We also make what we term a "Free-Range" BLUE [what goes in - dictates what comes out] usually very light powder blue but sometimes Royal Blue and rarely sapphire blue. FR-Blue's costs £5475 for 1/2 carat.

Another bizarre situation..... Being based in the UK, we charge Sterling.  I have to question why the American LifeGems UK prices are massively over-priced in Sterling for the UK customers? The US Dollar prices are almost 50% cheaper.  If we sell to America - the American's have to pay in Sterling - exactly the price you would pay in Britain.

Despite what you may find in 'Google' there are many 'other' websites offering 'Memorial Diamonds' but all our older sites [ashes2gems & pets2gems, celebration-diamonds, and Live-on-Diamonds etc:] ALL offer the same telephone number and the exact same address - Sunrise House, Hulley Road, Macclesfield, SK10 2LP.

The Sunrise House building was developed by this writer with Richard May and Julie Arnold in 1985 The huge 26,000 sq.ft' of offices with 75 car parking spaces are far to big for us, so we let out a range of supported serviced offices and their upkeep but it has been our base since we started.

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