Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just what does a man who actually manufactures 'Memorial Diamonds' do with his own `Mum's ashes?


What does a man - who makes memorial diamonds - do with his own Mum's ashes?

The answer is - scatter them in paradise.  My own Mum died suddenly whilst I was taking my Yachting exams, I wasn't told she had died until AFTER the exam, so it was a very sad time of both elation to pass the exams but to lose your Mum so unexpectedly.

After the family funeral and as planned - I sailed away to live in the Caribbean for 5 years. The ashes had been under the stairs at my GF's house, but I had asked for them to be brought out to the boat.  Coincidentally, my GF's Mum also died - just a few days before she was due to visit me in the Bahamas.

So, in the end, both have been scattered in Paradise, a gorgeous place called 'Bakers Bay' - just outside Green Turtle Cay in Abaco.

Sadly, at that time, I had no plans to start a new business in the funeral industry so I missed a great opportunity to save 100 grams of ashes with which I could have made my own 'Memorial Diamond' - from my Mums last remnants.