Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tomorrows Traditions : Two more complaints in one day!!!!

Oh dear, it would seem that Tomorrows Traditions activities have stirred the murky waters yet again? Two complaints, by separate enquirers in one day.

Readers may recall way back [14th January 2012] I blogged about 'BBC 3 Counties Radio' taking 'TT' to task about a couple of rip-offs they apparently were challenged about.  Then there was the despicable disclosure made by one of their partners -> http://bit.ly/21nKzAo

So now we have two more complaints. One lady very annoyed that 'TT' have her ashes and also her deposit - which she is trying to get back.  The other very upset about their activities and was calling the police in.

This is all on top of the written statement they make that 'others' [including Phoenix] ONLY buy Memorial Diamonds from them [ha ha ha]. Plus we are taking legal action for breaching a trade mark we have "Phoenix Gem"

More when we've cleaned the fan...........