Monday, March 07, 2016

Tomorrows Traditions

Yet again we [Phoenix and] are being associated with or confused with Lisa Barker and her "Tomorrows Traditions" - WE ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, we do not buy anything from them and they do not buy anything off us.

In actual fact there are two [Time & Dated] 'Cease & Desist' orders against Lisa Barker and Tomorrows Traditions from which substantial damages will be sought in the Courts.

We have had THREE complaints made in February and March of this year [2016] about the conduct of Tomorrows Traditions and their failings.  One lady has recovered her ashes and deposit and has now ordered from us.  Another man has stated that 'Trading Standards will be informed because I am not at all happy for my Grand Daughter".

Today [7th March 2016] a pet crematorium made extensive enquiries with us (about 'TT') and we had to assure him that we are most definitely NOT connected IN ANY WAY and that we had legal actions under way against Lisa Barker.

It's a very sad state of affairs that idiots can make such bold statements and get away with some of the bizarre products and (so called) bizarrely named "diamonds" they say they are "experts" at making.

Jonathan Vernon-Smith of the BBC '3 Counties Radio' had a run-in with Lisa barker some years ago, I'm sure he will be interested in the resurrection of Tomorrows Traditions to carry on his exposé......

See a shocking disclosure we wrote about way back in 2012....