Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We honestly don't mind about 'competition', but when a website infers that its diamonds originate the carbon source from the DNA within a strand of hair - whether it be Michael Jackson or Beethoven - we have to comment.

We are reliably informed by the UK Gov. Pathology Dept; that "DNA dies at temperatures above 300c". As most HPHT diamond lab's use temperatures around 1300c (as we do) I fail to see how any DNA can be found. There may well be carbon remnants, but a strand of hair would not contain sufficient amounts as to say that a diamond is that of anyone. The ocean that MJ stepped in probably contains molucules of his carbon, so you may as well use a bucketfull of seawater.
Therefore, the website which calls itself "DNA2Diamonds" probably do make diamonds but not using anyones DNA for the unique carbon source.
The diamond above was made from a 25gms of hair from a horses tail 'The Reverand'

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