Monday, October 17, 2016

I HAVE TO BE HONEST - It's been some time since I blogged - but we did start in 2006......

Sometimes, the many pressures of modern business life, divert you, make you take our eyes off the ball and stop us from saying thank you.  So to all our many customers, friends, our suppliers and workers...... THANK YOU for 12 years of support. THANK YOU  THANK YOU  THANK YOU

Having had more than 7000 enquiries in the form of e-mails, telephone calls and leads from our websites, friends and (some) Funeral Directors, we have done our best to offer a sensible price for an incredibly difficult diamond process manufacturing REAL diamonds from carbon extractions.

There are just 4 of us in the whole world : When we started there was only one other company - LifeGems.Inc in America. Their ridiculous high prices really brought us into play. Now after all these years, there are still only THREE 'others' who offer a similar product [this excludes the many FAKES, rip-offs and bizarre creations].

We know the costs are important - but life and DEATH only happens once. If you scatter the ashes or bury your loved-one, you miss the unique opportunity forever and you know what they say.... it's diamonds that are forever....just saying ;-)  So many have commented "I wish we had made a diamond at the time......."

Being British, we pay UK taxes and concentrate on customers in the UK. Over the years we have established agents in Oz', South Africa, Italy and Asia - but they too have started from scratch but it's hard work and each Country have their peculiarities. Thank you to all our agents.

Of course, during that period, we were bound to receive BOGUS enquiries - which not only let our competitors look into how we do business, but also tied up our already busy NO THANKS to the time wasters.... and whilst I'm bitching -  What is it about SPAM? Just because a telephone number and an e-mail address have to be published, it doesn't mean every idiot and the his dog can waste our time reading their weird junk!!!

Right now, I'm considering retirement...yikes!!!! Suddenly I'm 69 this year, so I look back with joy that I have helped so many bereaved customers memorialise their loved-one. There have been some really fantastic diamonds made - The Jessica Diamond; The London Riots Diamond; The Honey Bee Diamonds; and many famous customers who remain confidential.

FaceBook : My personal thoughts are - Horrible as it is, it seems to be a pre-requisite for modern  business....But seemingly also to make bizarre announcements about a private life, to voice opinions, to bitch, BUT generally to BE a product of Mr SuckerBird.  Personally I cancelled the Phoenix 'FB' account, I object to being researched and marketed and I think it's a massive folly to expose so much private detail publicly - but that's just my opinion. 

WHY? (did we start 'Equine'?) Well, dealing primarily with DEATH, the deceased and the bereaved, making diamonds from the living has to be a good thing. Ever optimistic, I decided to use our ability to make diamonds from hair by offering them from LIVING horses mane and tail hair under a joint 'FB' account - Equine Diamonds.  It costs us dearly to stop a plagiariser from copying our 'FB' pages in Equine Diamonds - Grrrrr......

We have now resigned from the NAFD and from SAIF.  Quite frankly - it was a complete waste of money and the membership. Funeral directors are at the leading edge of Death and in my opinion don't really consider the BEREAVED at all. I thought they would offer much more info' to the people left behind - (say) about Urns, Memorial Jewellery; More about what could be done WITH ashes (fireworks, scattering  etc:) and of course 'Memorial Diamonds.

With that lot off my mind, THANK YOU once again for being a customer or having an interest.

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